Selected Trading Campaign Results

The results in this section are from actual trades.  Reviewing results through the years posted, the method can be seen to adjust and change and become highly specific.


Beginning on 3/29/18, the trading method has focused exclusively on near expiration put (and sometimes call) options with the attempt to capture significant moves.  The target for each trade is to close out with a gain over 1,000%.


There are a host of reasons for using this highly specific method some of which are listed below:


  • A minimal amount of capital is required.  This keeps the probability of significant capital loss due to trader error, broker error, broker malfeasance, cyber upset, natural or unnatural disaster to a negligible level. 
  • Once the trade is exited, a large portion of the gain is transferred out of the brokerage account.  The reasons for this are stated in the first bullet. 
  • The Options Clearing Corporation or OCC is not located in New York (Wall St.) but located in Chicago.  Being separated allows for distribution of risk should there be a disruption on the New York exchange. 
  • The OCC has within its guidelines, how options will be cleared if there is a stoppage of market activity or if the markets are suddenly closed as a result of an extraneous event. 

This method has been in work for many years and has now iterated down to the steps in this section and the home page(s).


Recently, a top trading official at J.P. Morgan has warned of the next market crisis and its potential behavior. 


The J.P. Morgan trader says that flash crashes, liquidity crunches, “no bid” markets are the expected norm should there be another upset … which in our view, is a given. 


  • The near expiration method used by Three Ten Trading, not only takes into account the potential upsets, it’s designed to align itself with those events.


This line of thinking is in concert with Taleb's Black Swan and his proposal:  There are only extremes in the marketplace.  Any other belief is an illusion.  Therefore, position oneself to align with the extreme.