The Scam ...

Hits The Fan


In Australia, it looks like the ‘clean energy’ scam is hitting the fan.  This link has some brutal facts about so-called clean vs. coal.


The Unquestioned Belief


To paraphrase Robert Prechter Jr., on the topic of long term reversals; he states that catching such a move requires there be a consensus opposite belief. 


That belief needs to be widely accepted, fully ingrained and unquestioned.


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12:32 p.m. EST  SOXX To Test Higher?


It’s about 90-minutes before the Fed announcement and SOXX is in spring position.


Last update posed that SOXX would test the all-time highs; Looks ready.


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GDX Long Term


Pulling out to the monthly chart in GDX, we see a slow motion progression from spring to potential up-thrust and possible reversal.


If you know what’s probable on a long term basis, then affairs can be planned accordingly.


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Nat-gas is now in spring position.


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CORN Follows Script


The August 8th update of CORN showed a potential wedge test, reversal and then measured move. 


So, here we are at the measured move target.  What now?


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Biotech IBB, Pre-Market Shows Higher Open


Oscillating around support and resistance is normal market behavior. 


For Biotech IBB, we’re at the juncture between spring and gap-fill higher and/or contact and verification of an aggressive -91%, annualized trend-line.


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Grand Solar Minimum


What is it?  Market effects


The near three-hour presentation at this link shows we may be in times similar to that of Genesis 41


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Long Bond Reversal Test



At this juncture, the risk is least.


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Real Estate

Pre-market at 8:52 a.m EST


It’s the pre-market session and the bid/ask on IYR indicates a higher open.


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