Using Force Index


The annotated chart of GDXJ (Junior Gold Miner ETF) shows the progression into the latest reversal.


The Force Index, is a summation of market pressure for each leg whether up or down.  Note how upward force in the latest up-leg dissipated as highlighted by the two magenta numbers.


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BTU:  Out of the fire?


It’s been rough going for BTU.  That may be ending.


The measured target out of the wedge has been met.  One more push lower to 13.89, looks to have reversed.


From top-to-bottom, It’s a 71% decline.  The speculative excesses have likely been washed out.


BTU has also encountered negative news events.  The last one, announced inability to restructure debt on favorable terms; driving the stock price even lower.


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CORN:  Proxy for Panic


The corn futures report at this link, shows current progress is lagging behind last year.  At this point, 11% of the crop is mature vs. 24%, on average.  That’s down over 54% from last year.


In addition, Ice Age Farmer just released this report, indicating northern growing areas no longer have enough (and won’t get enough) ‘heat’ to mature the crops … it’s going to be a huge loss.


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Real Estate:  IYR Projects to 96.  Then, what?


IYR has a short way to go for the projected target.  What happens after that?  Inverse funds for the sector to work the downside (short term) are SRS and DRV.


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SOXX Reversal?


9:23 a.m. EST


The semiconductor ETF appears to be in early stages of reversal.


Note the terminating wedge that has formed over the past six months.  Within the last few days we have a nascent up-thrust.


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Before the Open


The Junior Mining index GDGXJ appears to be in a downward reversal.  Top to bottom has been retraced 38% as shown.  Now, it looks to be in a trading channel as well.


Pre-market activity has the index flat.  The channel has neither been confirmed, or negated by early trading.


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Nat-Gas Futures


One of the better videos on nat-gas. 


Since we did not get a sharp upward bounce at the EIA release, we'll look for continued down pressure.


Grand Solar Minimum


What is it?  Market effects


The near three-hour presentation at this link shows we may be in times similar to that of Genesis 41


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Biotech IBB, Pre-Market Shows Higher Open


Oscillating around support and resistance is normal market behavior. 


For Biotech IBB, we’re at the juncture between spring and gap-fill higher and/or contact and verification of an aggressive -91%, annualized trend-line.


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Bond Reversal:  Interest rates higher  


Extended market with rates moving up … not good.


The chart of the bond proxy TLT, shows the familiar pattern:  Spring-to-Up thrust.  It also shows where the ‘commercials’, the professionals entered a record long (futures) position.


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