IYR Showing Gap Higher


It's about one hour before the open;  Pre-market trading in IYR is near the axis line shown.


Risk/Reward looks good for a short position (not a recommendation) at this location:  ~ 72.00.


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Biotech Trends Down


At the open, IBB opens gap-lower below support.  This level has now become resistance.



Bonds:  Spring Attempt Fails?


It’s clear, bonds attempted to spring higher once the prior lows were penetrated. 


Then, TLT reversed and tested that support.  Now, support may be failing right along with the spring attempt.


If there's a new daily low in today's session, and a close lower, it adds weight to a long term reversal scenario in bonds.


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Bonds:  Reversal Continues


Inverse fund TBT, shows a potential set-up to go short (not advice) the long bond, TLT.


As mentioned by Sven Henrich in this update, rising interest rates at this point in time is not the mainstream view.





Real Estate:  Pre-market


Here is one way to look at the up-coming action.  Pre-market indicates a higher open and possibly into the up-thrust area.


IYR is lagging the counter-trend rally compared with the S&P and Russell.


Wyckoff analysis directs us to focus on the weakest sector for short opportunities (SRS & DRV); not the sectors that have rallied the most.





Stealth Reversal:  Bonds


About twenty minutes before the open and bonds (TLT) are trading sharply lower:  Down -2.65 pts, or -1.60%.


As highlighted on my companion site:  The Danger Point, the market is at a historic point and Sven Henrich is moving formerly no-cost YouTube updates, behind his website firewall.


In his last update he noticed the interesting condition of the bond market; that no-one is prepared for higher interest rates and corresponding inflation.


At this time, it appears that bonds are slowly (quietly) reversing. 


Being short real estate may provide the best opportunity to profit during a sustained bond market downturn.





Bonds Down, Real Estate Up?


Bonds (TLT) are down in the pre-market nearly 1%, and the IYR is following the overall equities market; trending (bid/ask) to a higher open.


Let’s see where that open occurs.  The chart shows congestion at the 38.2% retrace area. 


If price action opens at this level and then erodes, it’s a good level to put a stop on any short position.


If price action opens at the 50% retrace or higher, IYR may be setting up for a wedge breakout (not shown) to a target in the vicinity of 85.00.



The Tape Says Gold


It’s before the market open and pre-market activity indicates the Junior Gold Miners (GDXJ) may be completing their counter-trend move.


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Junior Gold Miners About To Collapse?


Weekly chart on GDXJ shows the largest ever down-thrust energy.  The chart data used in the analysis goes all the way back to the week of August 13th, 2010.


The usual suspects, the YouTube prognosticators are pointing in one direction (up) while chart data, the tape, points in the opposite direction.


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GDX Price Action:


Forecast months in advance.


Two monthly charts are provided to show how they can prepare one to take action (confidently and) completely opposite of the herd.


Back at the beginning of August last year, was the forecast for continued upward corrective action in the senior gold miner index (ETF) GDX.


Along the way, there was help from the Wall St. Journal and other web prognosticators that gold was on a tear.  Forecasts for gold to reach $10,000 and $50,000 were resurrected, dusted off, and trotted out.


Fast forward seven months to now


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Crisis Management


The analysis and trade actions posted on this site are my response to current market conditions.


As stated in the ‘About’ section, I have over 22,000 hours of price action experience. 


Price action dictates market action


There's probably no point in recent history, where experience and proficiency in price action is more needed than now.

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