Three Ten Trading, LLC is no longer offering market research in a public forum. 


Over the past week, we have concluded the LV shooting was an inflection point for the nation on a go-forward basis.


Those who present the truth are at risk. 


Risk is acceptable when there is a reward.  Presenting provocative information (i.e. truth) in a public forum at no charge, contains only risk and no reward.


Therefore, all no-charge market analysis and data has been (or will be) re-located behind the password firewall.  


Greg Hunter’s weekly wrap-up sums it up better than we can say.  Go to time stamp 21:04 where he re-iterates what has been presented on this site for quite some time.


'It keeps working and working until one day … it doesn’t.'


My personal LinkedIn profile will (at this time) remain active.

Three Ten Trading, LLC is structured as a long-short fund implementing proprietary trading strategies as a family office.   

As such, we are not registered by the SEC, do not provide investment advice and do not engage in paid solicitation or advertising.  

This site is for purpose of demonstrating the truth of market behavior; outlined by a market master: Richard D. Wyckoff in his text, Studies In Tape Reading, published 1910. 

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