Nat Gas report due:  10:30 a.m. EST


Looking for a spike test lower to fill the gap from Tuesday’s open


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Early Session:  11:33 a.m. EST


Biotech Reversal


‘Buy its own action’, the biotech sector has posted a Wyckoff up-thrust and is reversing lower.


Stated many times on this site and in the Biotech (IBB) section, this sector never came along for the current ride to new highs.


Now, it looks like it’s in serious trouble.  A lower weekly close will help confirm the up-thrust.


After four-plus years of sideways action from the high in 2015, IBB has built up significant downside potential.  We’ll see.


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Any Time, Now


It won't be long before the market is in another crisis.


Flash crashes, liquidity crunches and credit freezes are likely to bring the market down; taking the entire world economy with it.


Does the typical wealth manager have skills and market acumen (effective research) to navigate and profit from another market 'disconnect'? 


My firm's answer to that question is a resounding no. 


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