Three Ten Trading LLC, was founded by Paul V. Mosgovoy in 2008, after 24-years of leadership in avionics engineering, system integration and aircraft flight-test


The pinnacle of his (engineering) career was obtained at the ripe age of 37, when as Lead Engineer, he was responsible for aircraft avionics flight test and system integration on what was at the time, the most complex, expensive, heaviest and largest business aircraft in the world:  Bombardier Global Express


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The Pursuit of Excellence


After a quarter century of engineering, I had taken the profession as far as it could go.  Reaching the top at the early age of thirty seven, it was obvious I needed to move on to other challenges.


Working the markets requires absolute focus and attention to detail.  It also requires a unique form of leadership. 


Effective leadership in the market requires technical skill coupled with intuition.  Intuition is impossible to measure.  In part, that's why most corporate trading operations use algorithmic, quantitative strategies.


The market strategy on this site combines thirty years of technical analysis experience with intuition.  Intuition points to potential.  Technical points to time or what's called 'danger point'.