Three Ten Trading LLC, was founded by Paul V. Mosgovoy in 2008, after 24-years of leadership in avionics engineering, system integration and aircraft flight-test.


Reaching the top was met at the ripe age of 37 as Lead Engineer; responsible for a team performing avionics system integration and flight test on Bombardier Global Express.  The aircraft at the time, was the most complex, expensive, heaviest and largest business jet in the world.


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Any Time, Now


It won't be long before the market is in another crisis.


Flash crashes, liquidity crunches and credit freezes are likely to bring the market down; taking the entire world economy with it.


My firm has its own answer on how to approach current market conditions.  That answer is found in the completed trades that are cataloged here.


Consider this site a resume on how one trading firm approaches the markets in an environment that can ‘disconnect’ at any time.


We analyze (and act on) what the market is saying about itself; also known as 'price action'. 


Price action is truth.  All else, is vanity.