Three Ten Trading LLC, was founded by Paul V. Mosgovoy in 2008, after 24-years of leadership in avionics engineering, system integration and aircraft flight-test


The pinnacle of his (engineering) career was obtained at the ripe age of 37, when as Lead Engineer, he was responsible for aircraft avionics flight test and system integration on what was at the time, the most complex, expensive, heaviest and largest business aircraft in the world:  Bombardier Global Express


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My market approach follows my engineering career  


I had a big career, so I’m looking for the big trade 


 After researching the markets and analysis for over thirty years, truth of market movement was finally uncovered.  That truth is:  Wyckoff analysis.  


Wyckoff is the key.  You'll never hear it mentioned in the financial media.


This site combines the technical and intuitive components of Wyckoff with two other masters; Livermore and Loeb.  Livermore for strategy and Loeb for entries and profit criteria.


Wyckoff, Livermore & Loeb


As far as I know, no other trader, entity or website provides a combination of these three masters.  We're unique ... but that's nothing new. 


That's not saying it's perfect.  Perfection in the marketplace is the dream of the amateur.  If they get stopped out of an entry one time, they don't go back. 


We're dealing with intuition, probabilities and market forces; not perfection


As with any probability based analysis, there will be mistakes.  Minimizing the effect of errors is the objective.  It only takes one major profitable trade a year to cover a multitude of small losses.


I’m willing (and do) to take a large number of small gains or losses to get to the big move.

This site is a running documentary of that effort.

The Trading Room area of this site contains proprietary detail on trading strategies or market analysis.  It's a personal work-space not available (at this time) to the general pubic