Grand Solar Minimum


What is it?  Market effects


The near three-hour presentation at this link shows we may be in times similar to that of Genesis 41


The link also provides enough evidence to completely refute and discredit the ‘global warming’ agenda.


Yes, it’s climate denial … sort of


Actually the climate is changing and drastically so as we speak.  The difference is, it’s getting colder not warmer; and it’s getting colder fast.


The result of the cold can already be seen with the Midwest floods and resulting crop failures.  Crops are also failing world-wide.  Cold temperature and snowfall records are also being broken on a world-wide basis.


It’s likely that as of this writing (8/12/19), this year’s corn crop may never make it to harvest or be so damaged, that it’s only good for cattle-feed.


The solar minimum backdrop is significant such that we’re incorporating the ‘model’ into the investment or trading decisions that are being made and presented on this site.


Note:  This is my own firm and we do not give trading or financial advice.  The reason why analysis is being presented on this site can be found here.


We’ve lost interest in following the crowd and trying to predict ‘the crash’ or when gold is going to make it to ‘$10,000/oz.’  At this juncture, such exercises amount to nothing more than distraction from the mission. 


In our view, there are more important (and strategic) events, opportunities taking place


Of course, this position is not popular.  If it was, we’d be worried.  No strategic trade or positioning enjoys an agreement consensus … that is, unless it’s that of the opposing side.



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