The Data Is False But The Price Is Right


In the Ft. Worth Star Telegram for Wednesday March 20th, Section 12A, is a half-page page article titled:  “Hot records falling twice as often as cold ones”.  The article sites NOAA as its source for temperature data.


It's basically a global warming article that attempts to show how temperatures are moving higher at a brisk pace.


A quick review of this link (one of many) shows just how NOAA cold “records” are being deleted.  Of course, if the cold data is being erased, then it must be getting warmer, right?


This data eradication (or manipulation) is not just confined to one area of government sponsored entities. 


Let’s try unemployment numbers.  Real unemployment numbers are here


It’s an interesting read on how John Williams got his start on researching the actual (unreported, real) data.  For more info, go to the home page and scroll down to ‘Biographical’ information.


So it is with corporate earnings, inflation numbers, GDP, and on.  The good part is that from a Wyckoff analysis perspective, the official numbers are not a factor in deciphering price action. 


David Weis published a bond trading article in the early 80s where he discusses the Wyckoff method.  A link to Part 2, of that article is here:  Scroll to the last paragraph for his thoughts on ‘data’.


Wyckoff approached the market by asking; what’s the market saying about itself? 


Or, as Livermore put it; what is, not what do you think it is.


The official narrative is false.  Data is false, statistics are false and numbers are falsified; all to project the intended thought-shaping outcome.


The one thing not false is price  


The price is right (to borrow the phrase).  Delete all other distractions and focus only on price. 


The market itself will give clues to its next move