S&P High:  3,337.77  Is that a coincidence?


Probably not.


Nearly a year ago, the forecast below was made for the 3,300 area.  Now, here we are.  Not only that, as of this post the numbers above appear to be holding as the all time high.


Let’s see what happens next.  Projection targets have been met … at least there may be a ‘correction’ before an attempt to move higher.


Remember August of 1987?  The market reached a peak and went into a correction.  Then, an attempt to rally in September, that failed … right into the ’87 crash.



Projection to the 3,300 area.


S&P Projection To New Highs


With such a swift and deep move lower last Friday, one would expect the market to be down anywhere between 2% and 5% (at least) at today’s upcoming open.


Instead, we’re trading unchanged to slightly higher in the pre-market.


The S&P has pushed past the previously reported Fibonacci Day 55, and is now out of range for a reversal at that time-stamp.  It could still happen, but odds are low.


Even more disconcerting than a swift reversal, is the possibility of new highs but more importantly, the projected level of that high.


If the S&P is not reversing from here, it’s likely to test all time highs and if it breaks out to the upside, project to 3,300.


That’s a lot of market transactions and things that could happen in-between.


Will the S&P go to 3,300 and why is that (level) important? 


Remember the S&P low in 2009, was 666.79


With that in mind, I’m including this link which is one part of a three part series.  If you’ve not watched it already, it’s still available on YouTube but for who knows how long.


We’ve already built the case the data is false, the news is false (fake), the numbers are false and that something much bigger and widespread is afoot.  The markets are just one part of that overall plan.