BTU Bears Getting Weaker


Over the past year, each major thrust lower in BTU has less energy.


The volume has also changed character during and after the last down thrust.  There’s a noticeable increase in the amount of daily volume.


This linked video is a typical propaganda piece not unlike that of almost every major corporation.


The difference is, in the comments.  The’re only two, but similar attitude (although not as blunt) is also found in this recent SeekingAlpha article.


It’s very similar to what Peter Lynch described in his book One Up on Wall St. as a necessary component in researching potential ‘ten-baggers’.


He summarized that if a description of the industry made you ‘wretch, and turn away’, then he’s interested.  These vehicles are the ones that can accumulate significant value under the radar before anyone notices.


Is there any industry at this juncture that’s more derided, vilified and under attack than coal?



Coal Fits Model:  Grand Solar Minimum


If we get record breaking cold this winter, it’ll be interesting to see if anyone really cares how their homes are heated.


Peabody Energy (BTU) is out of bankruptcy and has been eviscerated over the past year; dropping over 65%, from its high last June, to its low on August 7th.


At the same time, we’ve got what appears to be a reversal and nascent trend.  Similar to natural gas, we’re at the danger point where the risk is least.