Take Two to be Taken Down?


So far, Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) price action has been relatively well behaved and not had a major spike lower … yet.  Note:  both EA and ATVI, have already had significant down moves.


If the S&P continues higher over the next few months, it may provide an upward bias to the overall market.  That in turn, may allow TTWO to retrace 38% (or maybe 50%) of its initial down-leg from the all time highs of 139.91, on October 1st, 2018


Bringing it all into context, as crops fail (happening now) food prices spike higher (also happening now), shortages occur (not yet), consumer sustainable debt reaches maximum (nobody knows when), the market tops out (this year?), and maybe throw in a major nation-wide power outage or two (the govt. is counting on it), the last place one wants to be, is in a completely discretionary environment;  either as an employee or so called ‘investor’.


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