Technical and Research Performance:  2015         

  • Identified what may be a historic Fibonacci time compression sequence in the S&P 500
  • Identified the S&P 500 counter trend high on 11/3/15, which was to-the-day.  Subsequent decline in the S&P was 11.3% and still on-going.
  • Identified the potential all time high in Dow Chemical (DOW) to-the-day, 12/9/15.  Postulated the high is multi-generational (price levels not to be seen again for decades) and indicated a substantial reversal ahead.  DOW has since declined over 24.6%.
  • Identified the potential all time high in the Russell 2000, on 6/26/15.  The index then entered a 23% decline that is still on-going.
  • Identified a counter trend high in GLD.  One day later (10/15/15), GLD enters a 12% decline that may still be on-going.